About the Artist

My journey into photography started as a child.  I was obsessed with going through photo albums learning my family history.  I still love looking at old photos.  It became super important to me to document life in photos.  I always carried around my little Olympus camera with me.  

I think the fact that I lost my father at an early age instilled the fact that mortality is fleeting and moments pass fast. I want to capture as many of them as I possibly can. I want my family to look back and cherish all of life's quirky, fun, emotional, joyful experiences. 

I want to bring that experience to you and your family, with the same love & care that I give my own. 

You live but once; you might as well be amusing.

-Coco Chanel 

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Our Philosophy


I absolutely love working with people!  I am a social butterfly.  

I love to put you in flattering poses that will help you look your best and then give you special assignments while in the pose.  These que's or assignments are fun little games that will help evoke a lot of natural emotion so you are not just looking in a camera and saying cheese.  Your photos will not only show the emotion you are feeling they will trigger those fun memories for you every time you look at your images.  

I love looking back at past sessions and I can't help but get emotional, so for the client the goal is for those images to bring up joy and love each time you look at them! 

Another important factor that is part of my job is to make sure you have those images to look back on!  I know, I know, we live in a digital world and you may be a digital girl... (play on Madonna's material girl... Please get my stupid references I make them all the time!) But how many times have you gotten digitals and never had time to do anything with them?!?!  Well don't worry, that's why you hire me!  While I'm happy to include digitals in my packages I also want to encourage you to consider how much more valuable and time saving it is to have a gorgeous album, or beautiful wall prints! Share your images with the world, but most importantly preserve them for your own family history and future generations.  There is always a family historian that will share your past with the future, if there's not one now, why not start with you?!  

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