Embracing the Chaos, Photographing a Family of 6!

How to create the perfect Hawaii family photography session


So is there a such thing as a perfect family photography session?  Or is any photography shoot in Hawaii an automatic “perfect Hawaii family photography session”?  Well I can attest that not all sessions are perfect.  Going into any session with the expectations of perfection usually creates a tens and stressed situation for parents and photographers alike.

To be honest, I really didn’t know if it was possible to do a shoot with 4 kids, under the age of 5.  The thought of it was nerve-wracking, because as a photographer, I want so desperately to create the perfect shoot for each client.

The Family

Thankfully this family had the absolute coolest mom & dad you’d ever meet.  Not only do they love so big, they are sooo much fun, and way more chill than most!  I definitely will strive to be more like Juliet.

Their chill disposition create a fun environment to shoot, it also creates the most fun memories for their family to cherish as time goes by.  They definitely got a few posed shots, but the ones that really matter are the ones that are going to make them laugh and cry as their children grow, and as they look back on this time in their lives with joy in their hearts.

Juliet and Michael recently adopted 2 children and this was the first photoshoot of their family of 6.  I was so excited to be able to document these precious moments in their growing families story.

Having lots of family fun on Hawaii family photography shoot with Photography by Drena

I have such admiration and feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Juliet and Michael. To see how they are  creating such a loving environment for these children is beyond inspirational.Not too mention the balancing act of making sure their birth children are treated with the same respect and appreciation for their new circumstance.Luckily their birth children are so welcoming of their new siblings, it is really such a lovely dynamic to watch!

Lets add some motion to these shots!

I just knew I wanted to incorporate some live action with their still shots to really capture these moments.  I am definitely a video novice working with a new camera, but I didn’t want that to stop me from getting these special moments.  When I look back at my home videos from when I was a kid and video recorders weighed about 100 lbs (exaggeration!!) and you had to balance them on your shoulder, those videos are far from perfect quality, but they are absolutely perfect.  That’s the same effect I was going for here 😉

As their family gets ready to pack up and leave Hawaii, I hope these memories of their family first coming together here will last forever.  If you would like to document some fun moments in your growing families story contact me, I would love to chat with you about a session.

If you have a desire to help with adoption in any way possible, please consider checking out the Dave Thomas Foundation, who has been on the forefront of this mission since 1992. Every child deserves a loving family.

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  • Petra - I LOVED THE VIDEO! The music was perfect and it was such fun to watch this big beautiful family interact with each other with so much love and happiness. 
    Personally, I’d prefer pictures of the crazy chaos over carefully poised, everyone looking at the camera w/a fake smile, ANYDAY! Bravo…and God bless this awesome family ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Gail - These are incredibly beautiful….loved the story too..great work Drena Girl…xoxoxoReplyCancel

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