Family Photography: The Harris Ohana

This baby was a queen since before she arrived.

Family photography is one of those things that can easily be pushed to the back burner.  Whether it’s due to timing, budget, finding the perfect wardrobe.  The list can go on and on. But when you wait this long to get your little family, you don’t even consider hesitating!

A beautiful family photo shoot celebrating the birth of their long awaited daughter!

Family portraits of this beautiful family

Sometimes you have to work harder than others to create life.  Sometimes you have to dedicate your entire being into your quest into parenthood.  It is not always so easy for all. And I can tell you, blood, sweat, and tears have definitely gone into creating this little princess.  She is so blessed to have parents who went to such great lengths to bring her into this world.  This is why family photography is one of their top priorities.  They don’t plan on missing a beat or a photo op with her! Her mother dotes on her constantly and very publicly without shame.  Her father is much more introverted and quiet, but his love is just as obvious and so tender and sweet when you watch them.  There is just something about watching a dad with his little girl…   It is so precious to view as an outsider looking in at their family; knowing the kind of struggles and heartaches Janessa went through to conceive.  I love that I got to capture this special family photo shoot in a place that is very special to them as well.

Mom and daughter during a family photo shootMommy & daughter shots during a beautiful family photo shootDad and daughter during a beautiful family photo shoot

Janessa is actually a very talented photographer herself.  She has such a quick wit and fun sense of humor.  I love getting on to Facebook to see what antics Ava is up to that day, or watching one of her fur babies reactions to this little creature.  It’s also really special to watch the love that Janessa & Tyrell share.  After spending six years of growing their relationship their love is beautifully displayed in their endless support for each other.  You can read more about Janessa’s journey through her blog and follow her beautiful sessions here at

Janessa and Tyrell share a beautiful connection and I had to capture some of those images for this shoot.

Family Photography is Important for Everyone

Remember that every child is precious, no matter what their story is. Nurture them and love them, and take lots of pictures with them.  They love looking at their photos with you!  Schedule your next session with me now here don’t hesitate!  Can’t wait to chat with you about your next shoot!

PS it’s really hard narrowing down which images to include in a blog!!!

Some close crops of this beautiful little miracle child!


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