E Komo Mai (Welcome)

Welcome to my photography blog and thanks for checking out my work!

Hey I just wanted to start this photography blog venture off with a little introduction.  I know you’ve probably read the about page for the critical information which sums up a lot about me nicely. But like all of us we can’t fit in to a few short paragraphs.

I am a prior service member, Air Force, and now serve as a wife to a long time Airman. We are reaching the end of that chapter soon so life will be changing fast for us in a few years.

A bit of news about the home front

That being said we move around a bit.  I am in Honolulu now and totally at peace with my surroundings here.  This is the first time I’ve lived in a place that I would feel totally comfortable staying forever. However, we just got order to Tampa Bay and we will be setting up shop there. 

As much as it pains me to leave this Aina I am excited to move into our new home, especially since we will be planting our roots in Florida. This will be our final state as we plan to retire there.  Exciting & somewhat nerve-wracking!  This will be a whole new lifestyle for my children and my husband.  They have all moved around ever 3-5 years their entire lives!  Nomad living is fun in its own right, don’t get me wrong, but the prospects of having our family move close to us and being able to see them on a regular basis makes me a little giddy.

I am also excited to go to all the different landscapes the mainland has to offer and start shooting again in a variety of locations. 

Hawaii has sooo much beauty and really does have quite a bit of variety from city to country, mountains to oceans, desert to lush forest. Check out some of the different landscapes on my portfolio page.  It’s such a blessing to be here. But I certainly have a lot of traveling shoots to get caught up on.

What the future holds

I hope to plan a roadtrip for next year so I can visit so many friends and family members. Documenting a time in their lives that they will look back on in years to come and cherish is the best.  My hope is that every client I ever had will look at the images from our sessions together and they will remember the times and feelings shared with their loved ones.  I hope they value every.single.second because life is fleeting and the love and memories and recorded moments help us to forever feel those connections to that period in time. 

Seriously, I swear, it feels like just yesterday my son was 2 years old throwing sand back into the ocean in Okinawa Japan, but here he is turning 15 next month, not such a baby, not quite a man, but well on his way.  I love seeing the faces of each of my children in every stage of life!  Any way before I get too much more mushy I will end this.  Here are my people, my loves. Photo was taken by the very talented Storm @ Storm Elaine Photography

My family! We got fancy and gathered together for our Christmas shoot. Even I have to bribe my children to dress up for photography sessions

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